Pet Disaster Plan

Being a responsible pet owner is the first step to protecting yourself and your pet.

Living in Florida we all should have a disaster plan if an emergency should happen.

If you are evacuated from your home and you go to a local shelter, you will be accepted, but your pet will not. There are only a very few shelters that accept pets.

One less thing for you to worry about during an emergency is where your pet will be and who will take care of them.

Reserve your pet’s place with us before an emergency happens. There is limited space available.

Pet Survival Disaster Kit

Pet Disaster Survival Kit

The following is a list of items your pet will need for his or her “Survival Kit.”

  • Collar with ID and rabies tags, as well as a sturdy leash.
  • Any medications that your pet will need (it’s best to have a 30-day supply).
  • Medical records and vaccination information.
  • A crate or carrier for your pet.
  • A 14-day supply of food for your pet.
  • Zip lock bags for treats, important papers, and toys.
  • A brush and comb.
  • Blankets or any special comfort items.
  • A muzzle, if necessary.
  • Mark all of your pet’s belongings with their name.

Hurricane Pet Shelter

If you should be interested in signing your dog up for our hurricane emergency shelter please feel free to ask a staff member for more details or contact us using the form below for more information.

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