TheĀ Socialization Test

The socialization test is approximately one hour long.

You will drop off your pet and he/she will be introduced to the group of dogs that are currently staying at the kennel. They are always introduced one dog at a time starting with my Golden Retriever Maggie.

The introductions are at your dog’s pace. A new dog will only be introduced when your pet feels comfortable with the group.

After all introductions have been made, your dog is than invited outdoors where he/she is observed interacting with a group of dogs in a supervised setting.

Some like to get right in there and start playing with the group, while others just walk around and investigate the area.

Dog Kennel Socialization Test Brooksville Florida

There is a one-time fee of $10 for the Socialization Test

The following is a list of social skills that will be rated:

  • No aggression towards dogs or humans.
  • First introduction to a new dog.
  • Ease of meeting and greeting.
  • Several dogs meeting and greeting.
  • Observation of dog investigating his new environment.
  • Playfulness with other dogs.
  • Toy aggression.
  • Treat time, does your dog wait his turn for a treat. (This step is only done if the dog does not have food aggression.)
  • Laying together as a group indoors.

If your pet passes all of the above they will be invited to stay with us. If there is a problem with one of the steps above, this will be discussed at the time of pick up.